Deborah MacArthur

“Why should you buy a piece of art?  Very simply because you love it, because it moves you, because it speaks to you. The test at the end of the day is the smile on your face.”

“We strive to make clients comfortable with the process of art selection — even for those just beginning a collection. Through personalized service and knowledgeable associates, clients learn about the techniques and background of the art as well as the artists.  A unique feature of MacArthur Galleries is the many platforms available, from the selection of a single piece to augment a personal collection, to the drawing together of various elements to compose a complete environment.”


University of Florida College of Architecture and Fine Arts
Graduated with High Honors in 1979

Founder of Interarch Design Inc.
Owner from 1983 to 2005
An award winning Interior Design and Architectural Firm

Founder of The Articulation Group Inc.
Owner from 1985 to present
A product resource company and consulting firm

MacArthur Galleries
Owner from 1997 to present
An art gallery and consulting firm

Community Involvement

  • Board of Directors, Tampa Downtown Partnership
  • Past Chairman, Tampa Downtown Partnership
  • Rotary Club
  • University Club, Past President
  • Merchants Association of Florida, Executive Board
  • University of Florida Alumni Association
  • Active Member TY&CC
  • Mainsheet Mama
  • Youth Sailing Mom
  • Ballast Point PTA

Clients past and present include major developers, real estate professionals, building
owners, banks, law firms, museums, retail establishments, private corporations and
individuals through out the United States

My experience as the founder of an award winning Interior Design and Architectural
firm, has helped me understand the importance of the entire creative process of design to
the finishing touches. I was fortunate to have assembled a most talented team of interior
designers and architects working with me to create amazing spaces. My role was to most
importantly understand the client, the client needs and expectations. To listen and to hear
what they were really saying, establishing a clear direction, monitoring the design process
and finally being there at the end to attend to every finishing detail.

What I am able to offer to my clients today is a focused approach that provides the
greatest value and just happens to be what I enjoy and do the best. I am involved in the

programming and conceptual phase of the project working with my client to establish
their needs. I help them to define their image, budgets, and determine realistic schedules.
I am available to assist in the selection of the professional design and architectural team
as well as contractors and suppliers or to become a member of an existing team. In any
case my desire is to always be brought into the project early. I am there at the beginning,
there at the end, and on an ongoing basis as needed or desired by the client.

I work well as a member of the team and I am also available to lead the team as the
owner’s representative.

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